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Farewell Jodie

To all our lovely friends and supporters,

It is with a heavy but happy heart that I say my goodbye to my role as front woman for The KT Bush Band.

It has been a truly incredible journey, both musically and personally – performing Kate’s music has been a great challenge for me professionally and I’m so thankful I was able to experience this role for the time that I did. I found a family within this band so I shan’t be a stranger – and whileI still look forward to Steve’s stories about Wish Bone Ash, Brian’s cheeky Chappy musings and ham sandwiches, Emily’s infectious laugh and catching all the latest news from the lovely Vic King – I shall miss sharing a stage with these brilliant musicians.

But due to family commitments, and my commitment to my own music it’s time for me to hand over the reigns. I’ve no doubt the new singer (who will be revealed to you in the very near future!) will do a incredible job so please join me in wishing them well on this new and exciting chapter. It will be such a pleasure to watch them from this side of the stage 🙂

All my love,

Jodie May x

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