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Bob Hope The Eltham Way

The little Eltham theatre was renamed The Bob Hope Theatre in 1982 after Bob kindly saved this lovely auditorium from closure by his very own donation. Bob, a massive Hollywood star, who's 'The Road to...' films with Bing Crosby were world box office features in the 1950's and beyond was born in the borough of Eltham at 44 Craigton Road in 1903.

With the beautiful Eltham Palace just a breath away, and Kate Bush's former residence also a stone's throw, this salubrious high corner of Greenwich is wonderfully steeped in history and tailor-made for us to perform Kate's music. On that sold-out night the music of Kate came alive for real as Steve and Sally [pictured] once again put that magic touch to this woman's work in front of a full house.

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