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Memories of Cobham's 'Strange Phenomena'

Well folks this seems a long time ago now, and it was !! This photo was from the Cobham gig at the St Mary Magdalene Church, to be precise! Who'd of thought that The KT Bush Band would perform 800 plus years after its construction in the mid 13th Century... A nice pint in the Leather Bottle pub just over the road sure didn't hurt and a mere and near 200 years earlier we could have been having a chat with Mr Charles Dickens himself - a frequent Ale taster who was about to publish his first novel 'The Pickwick Papers'.

In spirit and awe, Sally and Brian shared Cobham's historical memories whilst performing in close vicinity of Lady Joan Cobham's tomb, behind the band! Her famous Norman French brass inscription reads 'whoever prays for her soul shall have 40 days pardon' - what an inspiration during the remarkable Kate Bush song 'Strange Phenomena' that eerily echoed in the footsteps of antiquity.

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