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Brian Bath & Friends Live on Phoenix Radio – Fri 19 May

Hey everyone!

We wanted to let you know that our very own Brian Bath will be performing his very own collection of work Peckham Boys (and a selection of Kate Bush songs) Live on Phoenix Radio this Friday 19th May!

Brian will be assisted by several members of The KT Bush Band including Vic, Steve and Emily (on drums, bass and keys respectively)!

This is Brian’s first foray into the singer/songwriter mix via Internet radio – to be realised on Friday 19th May in the quaint Phoenix Radio live lounge! And there will be room for guests at a nominal fee.

This will be the first airing of a mini opera entitled Peckham Boys – based around Brian’s childhood and growing up with his brothers in South London. This will be the heart of the show – sprinkled with other songs old and new, as well as a small selection of Kate’s wonderful melodies!

You can listen free at

Admission – please contact the station at the above link and see the poster below for more information.

Music and Love from 


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