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The following process is using this file : ". You can't open the file " because it's locked by another process. What's the command line to unlock the file "? Q: Class diagram issue I've created a class diagram for a table in a database that is being used as a queue. The only class that I have added that doesn't match the database is Person. The reason I created it is that I wanted to have the objects be retrieved, checked for uniqueness and then saved. I have never seen a queue implemented like this and it seems that I am missing something really basic. I am using Spring and Eclipse. Any help would be great. A: To add a person to the queue, add a method to add it to the queue and have the method take the person (via constructor injection, for example) and then do the check for uniqueness and store the person. Why are you adding a Person class? You can do everything you need via the table directly and this seems like a good way to introduce unnecessary complexity. Low-temperature synthesis of two-dimensional Ba2Ca1-xSrxSn2O6 (0 Q: How to find out about new users? I am wondering how can I find out about new users. Can I get emails when a new user posts something or when somebody answers my questions? Is there a special meta site for this purpose? A: You can get an alert when a user answers your question, this is the email received: and an alert





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