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Welcome Sallie-Anne Hurst – Our Newest Member!

Dear all,

We are extremely delighted to announce our new lead vocalist, Sallie-Anne Hurst, who will be joining the KT Bush Band on vocals, replacing Jodie May.

The whole band would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Jodie for her outstanding contributions and dedication to the band over the last few years. We will miss Jodie and wish her all the success as she forges her own solo career, parting as best friends!

It was not an easy task finding Jodie’s replacement, but after auditioning a huge range of candidates, it became clear that Sallie was our lead. She’s tailor made to be our very special Kate on stage, with a vocal range matching our legend to boot. She will be an invaluable asset to the band going forwards and can’t wait to share this huge talent with you.

Sallie recalls how Kate’s haunting melodies and mesmerising dance moves caught her attention from a young age and how she has followed her career closely ever since: “with a love and passion for all things Kate Bush, I set out to become a singer and dancer, appearing in many theatre and stage shows. Together with my own songwriting and recording skills, I am now in a wonderful position to fulfil the dream of performing many of Kate’s songs to a new audience and bring her early shows to life with the rest of the KT Bush Band!”

Sallie has a diploma in musical theatre, regularly performs on the London stage and is an accomplished singer/songwriter and producer in her own right.

We’re all so excited to introduce Sallie to our fans – please join us in welcoming her to the band!

Brian, Vic, Emily & Steve

The KT Bush Band


Sallie-Anne Hurst

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